Words floating in sound。
unexpected moments are sweeter
Saturday, August 26, 2017 2:14 AM

Henlo people, it's really been a long time, isn't it? I got so many things I want to talk last night, but now, everything's a blur. It feels just nice looking at the same blogging layout like you know when you prepared a lot the night before, but on the real day, idk you just got excited and ended up doing things unplanned but that's better because great things come unplanned ..... but, being prepared is not a bad thing.

So, last week, my phone got some problems, so I can't open all of my social medias and you know away from all the technology for a week, quite long, I can say. Well, living without technology, how do I say it ? at first, it's quite awkward. I was literally begging to my phone for it to open. I mean, don't you love me? well I forgot my phone is a device and doesn't have heart...... I was sad and :(  imagine I can't open my social media and know what's important alsooo I can't hear music ........  the first day was really a gloomy day for me. On the second day, I'm still sad tho, looking at my phone dying and I can't do anything about it.

My roommate noticed this and she lend me her mp3. I'm literally smiling from ear to ear, well at least I got some music to listen to while I'm doing my make up in the morning. I looove listening to music while I'm doing my make up. I felt like make up is like drawing for the older girls. Sometimes, I wear only lip balm and sun block sometimes I wear more than that, according to my mood. Sometimes, when I'm so 'rajin', I wear those fancy things, if I malas, then only that will be fine. Remember that you're pretty with or without make up.

Okay, so moving to the real topic, about my phone... well on the 5th day. I felt nice actually, it's nice not to know a thing on what's happening and just chillax. I was very hyped without my phone because I learned the art of socializing with people and made some new jokes so they will layan me and not their phone, telling I'm more interesting, please choose me instead. On the 6th day, my dad came and got it repaired. I didn't even open them lol only the next day I opened it. It feels nice really to be away from all the technology but sometimes we do need them but I mean, a week wouldn't hurt.  I did all my homework so fast that I felt like ..... what should I do now?

Anyways, I realized I was so immature sometimes, I get upset over some foolish things. Well, I'm controlling it now tho. I do get upset, but I handle it better now not to let it overpower me. Just give me time to upgrade myself and till then we'll meet again ?? It's nice to hear people asking when will I update my blog, and hearing you confess you liked it when I post something. Little things like thiese make my heart feels warm. I really do love you guys. Please love yourself more, you're worth more than the universe. Don't ever give up on what you do. Know that good things come to those who wait and never giving up. Have faith, don't overthink. Things will be just fine. If anything, god's always there. Just enjoy where you are now okays ? See you when I see you ? I loveu.

Au revoir