Words floating in sound。
pure, dirty and raw
Friday, October 13, 2017 9:53 PM
I come to you like you're mine, I wrap myself around you
Then I'll disappear like a dream
With no time to touch, you've already captivated by me.
I told you I am trouble

Heyyo everyone, long time no see. I'm still breathing just fine, I hope you're fine as well. Last night, I scrolled through my old playlists. I listened to the song ........ and I remember them good old times. I remembered my old self, remember them good and sad memories. I've read few books about how it feels to be in the age of 18 and above but it's nothing like what I'm feeling right now, so much .... different, so many challenges, battles, wars between my mind, my heart. I'm a person that like to think very deeply, do things randomly and speak within the heart. Crybaby, clingy sometimes to the person I'm close to, cold like an ice to strangers. 

You do good to me, I'll do good to you. You do bad to me, I'll still treat you good. I have two different sides, I can be like a 80 years old grandma also like a 5 years old kid according to what I wanna be. Next year, I'm turning 20. Like I've said before, I'll open my heart on the love categories. Idk lol for me love starts at 21, people say I'm picky when it comes to love, I guess it's true ? I mean how can I not ? If I wanna do love, I'll do it the right way, I love deeply, so why can't I be choosy, I don't ask for much, I just want to feel comfortable with that person, like home.

Before, I didn't know too much, so while I'm still learning, if I ever hurt your feelings, I'm sorry :( I get bored easily, I like to try new things, I see something I like, I analyse, I make them according to my style, I apply. So, if ever something I did or something I said hurts you I'm sorry. I'm still a human, I have those hormones and those emotions like normal people. 

Until then, I'll update more okays if I feel like it. I got so many homeworks smh. I'm preparing for an exam, wish me luck pls. I love you. I hope you're always healthy, and your skin glows like the sun. Ta-da. Don't forget to be nice to people okays.