Words floating in sound。
Saturday, January 27, 2018 4:01 PM

Hello people, it's 2018 already and now only I feel like wanting to be rajin for a while and started blogging. You might think to do this; writing and blogging are easy like you're just sitting there typing and telling people but no... you raked your brains trying to think what words, how, which, and is it interesting? is it okay to write this? words affect people so much........ I know, babe. 

It's so hard to get comfortable with people. I'm always a little bit picky when choosing friends. I'm so used to keeping my circle small, it's hard to get used to people knowing me. Sometimes, I wanna just be alone or being with someone that I feel comfortable with, someone who I don't mind their existence, at all. We could stay silent for hours and it's not awkward or we can talk about anything and you won't judge me and I too, won't judge you. Is it wrong for me to say this, sometimes I feel like the art of relationship is gone? I don't know how to explain this, but... you know. Doesn't mean I'm your friend in social media, doesn't mean we're friends in real life and it goes on and on. It's not the amount of time you have with the other person determines how close you are, it's about the quality time you have with each other, how you understand each other and you're comfortable. 

So, moving on, the people that I'm close now are always the one I used to dislike at first lol. But, you know what they said, be careful of what you hate, you may end up loving them, well it's true. Soon, it's gonna be February. Wow, how time flies so fast. Well, I'm now in college and there's this one night, I can't sleep sebab I drink coffee. I thought coffee won't have any effects on me but damn I was wrong. I thought about lots of things ... including you no jk. I thought about how the school doesn't really test your intelligence. Those who work hard, concentrate, do their works can get flying colours. It's all about your time management and knowing what you really want. We all start with zero. ps: oh also maybe luck, well doesn't mean you're a bad luck when everything doesn't work out for you, it's just not the time yet, so keep on going baby, I trust you. 

I waaaaaaaant to tell you guys mooooooooooore. It's been a long time. I've missed you guys, but I need to end this for now. Also, I'm no angel, but you can call me princess tho. I do have my mean times too, but then, I will try to calm myself and started to hear songs. I'm so tired to make people like me, can't I just do what I want. If only you know what's on my mind, you'll hate me. But like what I said, I'm changing, so please don't give up on me. So, for now, this is it. Please love yourself first before anyone else, treat people with kindness even if sometimes you want to punch them in the face but just smile at them. If you wanna hear more stories, please wait for my next update, I'll tell you more. This is just the introduction for 2018. I loveee u. Bye

Au revoir