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Tuesday, October 22, 2013 4:23 AM
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Hello guise and assalamualaikum,
It's 7:03, Tuesday now. You know what, time is money teehee. You should appreciate every single second in your life :)

So today, I'm going to share you about my "memories". Those memories ......... Yup, people say memories stay, people go, people change and memories don't. Maybe I think too much these days, Seriously, I'm thinking about every single thing I made. I'm thinking about how cold I used to be, how childish I am, how stupid I am before. Literally, I felt bad v_v I want to cherish my life with beautiful people, beautiful memories, beautiful LIFE. To those who message me in facebook, wechat, whatsapp and other social thingy, I won't reply now. I want to "refresh" myself lol. Maybe this friday or thursday, I'll reply but if it's really important, then I'll reply. 

Now in Bahasa Malaysia:
Kepada uncle bajet hensem sekalian, 
ehem ehem, good luck on your exam okay, do well okay "usaha tangga kejayaan" oh and kalau korang perasan, aku edit blog ini sikit kekeke sikit je tak banyak. Tukar gambar dengan colour je OuO. 

That's what I'm feeling right now 

Oh yea, korang dah tengok cerita "the heirs" ? Lee min ho looks so humble there OuO and park shin hye looks cute keke oh and kim woo bin looks handsome there ;u; can't wait for the next eps.

"One small positve thought in the morning can change your whole day"