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Thursday, January 23, 2014 9:18 PM
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Hello guise. 
I miss you guys sooo much. Be happy because today is Friday ! Soo yup, I just went back from school. I am exhausted . We got some "activities" to do in school but whatever. It was kinda fun but at the same time it's not. You know what I mean and today, I'm going to write in English because I hope my international audience can understand :D look how much I love you guys. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I appreciate it like soo much. 

Yeah, I am a playgirl. I changed my crush frequently ..... because I'm a girl. I know some of the boys will hate that when I said "because I'm a girl" but you can't change the fact I am a girl. 

One more, why society nowadays are too judgemental ! I can't stand it and there's a quote about that "nobody cares unless you're pretty or dying". Everyone is pretty in their own way. Short, tall, fat, thin, black, white, not 'normal' or whatever, you guys are all beautiful. Stay be.you.tiful :) Don't care what other people says.

Once my friend asked me, "he ain't handsome or cute, why do you like him" ?
Me: I am attracted to his personality, duh. Seriously, don't be such a judgemental person.


Whatever it is, stay being you, be nice to other people. It's life simple rules. Yeah, I gotta go. See you next time. Byeeeeeeee

I'm in love .................................. with pizza

Au Revoir