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Signs a guy doesn't like you
Monday, January 27, 2014 1:52 AM
Please don't be sad

Whats up guys, It's Hannah :) I'm here again teehee. Sorry sebab kebelakangan ini asyik post tidak menentu sebab sepatutnya setiap hari sabtu. Maaf ye semua. Minggu lepas dengan minggu ini busy sangat.  Okay, nampak tak tajuk atas itu. So minggu ini kita akan bercerita mengenai "signs a guy doesn't like you". This is based on my experience, article and some researches, I think.

Signs a guy doesn't like you:

He doesn't initiate a conversation with you
Okay so, If he doesn't begin the conversation, he probably doesn't like you. If you always have to call or text him first, it's not a good sign he doesn't put a lot of effort to talk to you. He probably thought you only as a friend.

If you ask him out or if you want to do something with him and he says he's busy
Sure maybe he's actually busy but if he does it a lot and if he really likes you, he will literally dropped anything and everything to hang out with you.

You have a conversation with him but he's not really personal with you
He's treating you like nobody or he's just having a casual conversation with you. Yup, it doesn't seem like he's really into it. I mean if I like someone, I would really want to know everything about him, gets a little personal and know every details every day.

If you're hanging out with him, he's like keeping his distance from you.
It's not a good thing.

He's calling you bro, or other masculine nicknames
You and him probably so far in the "friend zone". So, he doesn't like you. Boom

He's probably not gonna flirt with other girls
If you're watching television with him and he said to you "do you notice how cute Bella is?". I don't know if he likes you or if he's doing a work, he will do it well because he wants your attention not Bella not Taylor Swift. He likes you and only you.

If the guy you like is dating someone or married to someone.
He probably doesn't like you and he SHOULDN'T. No just no.

So that's it for this week, thank you for reading.

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