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25 random facts about me
Sunday, March 2, 2014 1:09 AM
Despicable me

[25 random facts about me]
Sorry for the late post hehe. I'm super busy yesterday. 

1. I am a nice person lol tbh but I can be bad sometimes.

2. I have never eat a pineapple. I know, It's spongebob's house, so I won't eat them lol no lah, actually I don't feel like eating them.

3. I am a chocolate lover, kawaii lover, book lover because perfect boys only exist in books. Chocolate and cute things, just because they are so cute, I want to cry *sobs*

4. I can speak malay, english, chinese, some french, I think lol and I know the 1-5 alphabetes in Indian. My friend taught me the alphabets lol.

5. I;m scared of mirrors in public ................................... I just, idk, but I love mirrors in my house but in public, I just .... "omg, a mirror, *walks faster*" yeah, that's me aha.

6. I cannot eat during 7-10 am or I will have a stomach ache. 

7. I have never ever liked sports......... but when I do, it's because of my friends.

8.  I'm the only girl in my siblings. 

9. I'm afraid to go to toilet after 9 pm. If I heard a strange noise in the toilet, I will run super super fast to my bedroom.

10. I talk nonsense when I'm in the mood to disturb people. 

11. I love creepy things even they scares me a loooooooot.

12. I can't eat sweets even if they are sweet, cute wrapped but no, I can't. If I got one or lots, I'll give them to my brother lol.

13. I switch on the television while I'm online on the internet just for the background noise.

15. I said to myself I just want to watch a video on how to skates but I ended up watching a video of a panda ...............

16. If my friend replying my messages late, I will delete his/her numbers but after 3 days, I save his/her numbers again.

 17. I have allergic to cats but I love cats "sobs"

18. I have an ukulele at home but I don't know how to play it and I just leave it alone and make it as my bed decoration.

19. I always want a cute teacher (man) in school but I never have one.

20. I loooooooooooooove unicorn. Don't say that they don't exist to me. I know it's ridiculous but I just love them.

21. I like to talk to myself  ...... like a lot.

22. Whenever I'm alone in school or public, I really like to observe strangers and watch them. Yeah, that sounds very creepy but I think it's fun.

23. My favourite colors is black, pink, purple, mostly pastel colors.

24. I love to play games. I have lots of games on my phone and that's why I lock my phone so that my friend won't see aha.

25. I love to make new friends but I don't really know how to continue a conversation with them.

Okay, that's it. Thank you for reading. Tbh, I don't really know what to post for this week. So I asked a friend and she suggested "why don't you make facts about you?", So  I was like "why not?". Feel free to comment if we have the common or if you feel like telling yours :)