Words floating in sound。
Don't fall in love with me.
Friday, July 11, 2014 3:52 AM

Hello guys. I know I said that I'm going to tell you about my experience in Korea, but really I don't have enough time, I've been busy these 3 months. Sorry, I didn't spent more time with my blog lol. Do you miss me talking like this haha ha ha because I only post pictures these 2 weeks haha okay nvm, ignore this. I mean, I need time thinking where to start to tell my experience and I just didn't have the time and the right mood to write it right now.

Okay, so like I said before, I'm very busy so probably I'll be posting my experience this Tuesday (15/7) can't you see that the day is so getting near to 24 (my birthday!)

"Don’t love me, please.
It can never, ever happen Because I’m dangerous. The more you love me, the more you
might get hurt in the end."

Lately, I watched Empress Ki. (kata busy tapi tengok korean drama) I watched it because of ha ji won. I like her acting and my all time favorite korean drama is secret garden and she is the heroin. So, I watched the drama and I cried. Not that I cried, it just that the tears are falling down. I'm not that easy to cry but I think I hold too much pain and when the time comes, it just won't stop. 

The drama was good. The ending is ((ehfifnbrjfh3)) can't tell you haha. I miss talking in this blog. I miss not being busy and I can blogwalking but now it's different. 

Psst. You know what. In school today, I go with a naked face, I mean not wearing anything lol usually some foundation with spf because the weather is so hot but today, I just .... don't put anything on my face and it feels really good like when you walk, you can feel the wind pressed your cheek. It's been a long time since I feel that. Now I know why make-up is so not comfortable but still I need to protect my face from the sun haha thanks god today it rains so it's cold. 

I think I typed a lot since I just miss typing and this blog so much. 

ps: Sorry, I need to type in English since my blog readers' are international :-)