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Monday, July 14, 2014 1:42 AM

Hello everyone!
So, today I'm going to talk to you about my experience on Korea.

So...... Let's begin. Are you ready?

I went to Korea basically on 23/6 yeap. I can't really wait! I told my friends that I'll be leaving, ask them to pray for me and then time just flies and I packed my things. I was wearing a black shirt and a floral cardigan and a grey pants on my way to go to Klia 2. Haha yeap a grey pants lol ..... since our flight is on night. It takes 6 hours to arrive there. I can't sleep :-( because it's too cold and I can't sleep sitting ohhh and while on the flight there's like lot of koreans speaking korean so when I talk in malay, they can't understand so I don't care talking a lot and loud hahaha. Beside me is chinese girl. On our way to go to korea, she prayed and prayed. She closes her eyes and really hopes that every thing is fine. I can feel that just by sitting beside her and when she does that, my heart also silently prayed that we have a safe journey.

*After 6 hours* We arrived in I-dont-remember airport haha but it's an international airport, I guess. My father takes a few pictures of we arriving in Korea. (( sorry I can't show you the picture because I look exhausted not having enough sleep ))

We did the normal stuff and go to our hotel. The hotel room was big AND the wifi is sooooo fast like every room have their own wifi and that's really cool. I take a bath and then we go for a lunch and a walk. I like the scenery in Korea. Real nice. Now that I'm talking about it, I miss Korea already :-( and to be honest I don't like the kimchi in Korea lol maybe it's just not my food type and then we go back to our hotel. I clean myself and changed into a pajama (WHY SHOULD I TELL YOU THIS) . I was soooo tired not having enough sleep. So, I take a sleep and when I wake up it's like 12 in the midnight. I told my mum I'm hungry lol. My mum said they had dinner but my mum said I was so tired I didn't wake up, so my mum bought something thinking I'll be hungry and that's really heartwarming c: ty mum. 

Then, I continued sleeping and there goes the next day. The next day is basically shopping and walking around the place.

The day before our last day, we went to Jagalchi fish market, if I'm not mistaken. It's underground and we need to take something like ktm and we have to pass through like 11 stations to arrive there . I am so tired that time and there's this one uncle. Well, actually one of my favorite uncle. There's like 3 uncle. He (uncles s) actually has been to Korea lot of times. So, he's like a tour guide to us and he likes to tease me so much lol and that's just make him one of my favorite and there's actually 2 more uncle.  Uncle J treats me so nice like he bought me lots of chocolates lol and the other one uncle, uncle h, he is kinda shy to talk to me or maybe I'm the one who is shy to talk to him ?? maybe  ... lol . I'm not really close with him.

Are you bored already. Here's a picture c:

So, the uncle who is a favorite of mine (uncle s), he stared at me, I think that he saw that I'm so tired. I can't really stand still in the train, so he offered me a seat (how nice of him) because the train is crowded with people that I have to stand, but then he saved me a seat :----) but then I rejected. 2 minutes later, lots of people left. So, I managed to sit and rest a lil bit, oh I mean sleep. Then, after like 10 minutes, we're arrived to the Jagalchi fish market, I saw a lot of fresh fish (wowww) suddenly, I don't feel sleepy at all. We eat, talk and laugh. It was so fun.

Then, we go back to our hotel and take a rest. I'm a lil bit sad that we have to go back to Malaysia already. I miss this place, the uncles, the people, the scenery here but then I realized travelling is not just about shopping, eating, visiting. It's about the memory, the people that we met, the moments, the laughter and that just priceless and the happiest thing is when you go there with the people you love, like your family, friends, your favorite person, that's just the thing you can't buy in store.

Finally, it's time to go home. I saw a malay face since we're going back to Malaysia. Feels like home already. Hearing them talking in Malay. Feels weird but feel nice ?? It's like you're in a safe place but then cannot talk loud because they will understand  :-(  I showed my boarding pass and then I find my seat. Ohh ..... there's a cute guy beside me hahahahaha idk why my eyes are attracted to the cute guy when I first find my place. We're not really sitting beside but it's like there's a way that separated us hahaha separate (not the right word but whatever) I tried to stare at him, but then I feel nervous so I just can stare at his hair for a long time but not his face :-( so this is how it feels when there's a cute guy beside you. Then, I just read my novel and I caught that guy is staring at me too lol hahaha (maybe I'm dreaming) . What's wrong with me.

I saw him watching movie in his ipad and I read my novel. After like 3 hours, I stopped, I stared at him but then I pretend to look at the window. Same thing. I got nervous looking at his face. Then, I close my eyes (pretending to sleep), my heart said "Don't fall in love with anyone". Then, we arrived in Malaysia and surprisingly that cute guy greets me and he stares at me straight to my face ....... and I look at his face too (since he's greeting me) ................ It's really weird. I feel happy. He looks like he's a Japanese. That's basically my first time liking someone and the person notices me and that's maybe the reason I feel so happy lol.

Basically, that's my story in Korea.

ps:  I never fall in love seriously, I mean until now.