Words floating in sound。
Friday, August 22, 2014 11:03 PM

Hello guys!

It's finally Saturday and I just went back from school. We have sport's day today and guess what, I don't really care about that. I feel like a potato today, I can't. There's like lot of beautiful girls with flawless face, can I cry. This is so making me low in confidence. I feel so insecure. 

And you know, there's like lot of couples, ehem yeah that's normal but I don't think all of them will end up getting married. I'm a lil bit weird with them, I mean I don't want that kind of relationship for like 2-3 years and then break up and that's it ?? lmao. But then, I'm anticipating for the chicken lol but they didn't sell it *sigh* I want to eat chicken and pizza so much. 

I probably think too much because of my weird hormones and it's really nice that I can tell everything what I felt (well not everything) but maybe half or quarter of it by typing like this. It's really nice like all the insecurities have gone. But then, it's really weird that when you like someone, you hope him/her will only look at you, will think you're cute, you hope him/her will love you as much as you do and that you get jealous when he/she looks at other girl/boy and when him/her compliment other girl/boy. I think I like chicken so much that I get jealous seeing other people eating chicken......

Sorry for my weirdness. 

I still do.. Need help? Or need to talk kik me; wraymolly