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Saturday, September 6, 2014 12:10 AM

Hello guys!

Sorry, I don't post last week. 
 IDK what to post and I'm kinda addicted to tumblr right now. Tumblr gives me a lot of inspiration and it makes me so happy lol but blogging makes me happy to.... It's just when you have things to tell or .....
Yup, ehem so ........... I ... um ...

I ... am awkward in making new friends ........ but lately, I'm starting to feel comfortable with a friend. People never really thought that we will be this close yet we are. Well, best things happen unplanned. She's like the opposite of me and you know It's hard for me to get comfortable with someone. It takes me 2-3 years to make someone my best friends so doesn't mean if I close to a person, he/she is my best friend. He/she might be just a close friend. 

...................  Yeah, so umm, me and my friends are making some business. We're kinda new to this. We're not launching it yet but to be sure it will starts after our exam, probably by the end of September. So, we have already have the things for our business and we're serious about this. 

At first, my friend was just joking on this, but then we took it seriously and here ... So, mind to follow us on @thesmartieslyfe on Instagram. Anddd it will be a surprise of what we're gonna sell. So, give us a follow and stay tuneddd. I'm so excited about this. I can't believe I'm doing this!! 

Tht's it for this week. Byee.