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Nao first love diaries story
Monday, October 13, 2014 2:27 AM
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Hello everyone, 

This is a review post, so if you're not used to it, you can read the other post I posted before c:

If you want to play this but haven't, you may don't want to read this. I warn you.

Okay, so I give 4 stars for the story

I was so excited after playing story 1, it was so different from other Voltage Inc games I played, the character (Nao) said the that he likes the girl (mc). I was so excited like "omg, is this true, is this really story 1??" because usually story 1 is the opposite, so I was like this is so cuteee. Then, the girl realizes she has fallen towards the boy too, and they fall in love. Yup, that's basically it. 

About the characters, Nao, I give 3.5 ??

Is that okay, he's cute, I know but he's so cute and umm he's like a kid but he's really intense sometimes, sometimes I don't believe he's doing that and that, if you played this, you know what I meant, well, they are in high school tho, I mean, I usually played the characters who's like 20+ years old. He's nice, caring. I can feel it, but I just can't fall in love to him, how can I explain this, he's just not my type .... I like the bad one, lol who calls you idiot or dummy but he will says that you're idiot, but you're my idiot, I like that kind of type ha.ha.ha I like the bad type who only be good to his girlfriend or the people he loves, but .... if your type is the cute type, I recommend you to play his story hehe but I don't regret playing his story. 

P/s: I love this story, I mean, I keep smiling while playing. I .... always feel sad when I played other Voltage games, I was like "the girl's so nice to you, how can you treat her like that?" Sometimes, I hope the girl will be sick or something bad happens to her, so that the character(s) will know he loves the girl and don't want to lose her lol.

Some parts are so cute ..... that I wish I can have someone to love me too ... okay ......................... no. Ignore me.

So, the average is 3.7, so consider it 4 stars then hehe.