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Monday, October 13, 2014 12:23 AM

Hello everyone, sorry for posting like almost everyday. FINALLY, EXAM HAS SAFELY ENDS. 

AND, I made it! I talked to them, and we were laughing and be normal again (to my friend) but not to her, but it's okay, at least I made it hehehe, I'm sooo proud of myself, finally I made it and they didn't suspect anything. They think I'm fine, and they did ask "where've you been? We miss you!".

But I just smiled and said "running away from you" hahaha in my heart lol.

But, am really glad that it turns fine now, even better now, I guess they know me better now and they treat me nicer ?? like we hold hands when we're walking ??? Well, I was lost lol, I'm always lost even in school, sorry for all my friends that have difficulties in finding me and my parents too. 

I just really love to wander around and explore things, and then ................... I was like "where am I?" but thanks god my parents never really called my by the "lost and found", is that what you called them ?? idk okay ignore.

p/s: I'll be sending love letters from now to all of you who leave your comment(s) in my cbox. Okay bye c: 

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Au revoir