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my experience to China
Monday, December 22, 2014 3:21 AM
So hello everyone, I said that I'm going to post my experience. So here is it, I'm not sure to write it today because I'm not in the right mood kind of to write this kind of stuff but I'll try to make it nice and simple for you.

So, we arrived in china in the evening 6 pm like that, we just checked in the hotel. It was so cold there, everyone was wearing thick clothes and sweaters. When we first arrived on the international airport, there's like this auntie, she keeps asking us to take taxi with her. This really annoys me like =____=  can you please leave. Then, we checked in to the hotel. The next day, we take the train to go to Dali, that's about 7 hours by train. I'm super bored, luckily I downloaded a few books in my phone so I can read them while I'm on the train. 

There's this funny things happened on the train, there's this girl beside me lol, idk but for me she looks like typical chinese face but I think she has better face la (that's malay slang lol) than the other girls on the train and then there's this guy, I don't know where did he came from ,he just pop up like that, like boom, I was like "what planet did you come from?" then he sits near the girl besides me and starts to sing like omg dude what are doing? and then I realized that he is flirting with the girl haha but then the girl just ignore and pretend to sleep at first and then she woke up because there's like a message on her phone so ..... 

and you know when the girl checks her phone, the guy also showed his phone, his Iphone 6, to be exact lol, and then he begin capturing the view outside. I think that's very funny idk why. That's the first time I saw a guy flirting in front of me and singing and showing off. Okay then, enough with the flirting.

Then, after we arrived at Dali, it's already late like 5 pm something, and then our tour guide asked if we wanted to go somewhere or check in hotel and rest, then my mum said, never mind, we want to rest first. So we just check in hotel and have a nice rest and not to forget that, the hotel that we stayed in Dali was so nice, I like the design of the hotel but I don't remember the name of the hotel. Then, the next morning, we go to some places, take pictures and stuff. 

The next day is basically shopping and stuff. Then, comes the last day, we arrived in the airport early like our plane is 5 pm but we're already there in 12 noon. So, we go shopping again haha and then walking around the places, yup. At like 3 pm like that, we check in, it feels good tho to see Malaysian faces and hear them talk in Malay, I guess that just can't be helped because I was born in Malaysia so..  Then, that's basically it .... and for this time, I didn't find any cute guy,  sad :((( What I noticed is that the Chinese people that I met, 95% of them have the typical Chinese face, that's my opinion tho. 

But, it was fun in there. I appreciate my stay in there. I miss the cold atmosphere too. 

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