Words floating in sound。
Saturday, December 27, 2014 3:41 AM

Hello guys,

Um yeah, I just went back from my grandpa's house.

I just want to tell you that I keep getting weird dreams lately. It's been a week and there will be like one day that I can't wait to sleep to get that one dream and there will be like one day that I hope I won't get the same dream again. Last night I dreamed about someone that inspires me so much in art. I was talking to my best friend and then, I saw her. She was like coming towards me and then she sits beside me and plays with my cheek (it's really weird, ik), and other people are like jealous lol (not really jealous, um how .. they were like "aw, you're so lucky". something like that)

And then, I wake up and continues sleeping (it was like 3 am) and then I got another dream .......... it was about that I became a photographer to someone that I don't really like (it's really weird) we took selfie together and I take her pictures ........... like ?? 

There's another dream too (different day)  ... about a guy, but that's weird too and I don't want to share it with you because idk lol. so yeah, I guess that's it for now, actually I have a lot to tell you hehe so stay tuned and tomorrow I'll probably post the part 2 pictures of my trip to China (I hope so)


i mean