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Monday, December 1, 2014 6:09 PM

Hello everyone 

Teehee sorry for not posting a lot, you know the reason. 

You know in your life you have like 3 different days, like the bad bad bad day, everything just doesn't seem right, and then you have the "this is the best day ever", everything just seems very nice that you hope it will remains like that forever and then ... the I don't care day, where you just ugh I'm sooooooo lazy and don't care, and when people look at you're just like "ssup bro."

And here, i'm having the idc day. I'm laying in my bed and my head on the table while I'm typing this, look how lazy am I. 

But, I don't know if I should be excited or not to go to China. I can speak chinese a lil bit, will Hafsah get a friend there???? Hahahaahah ha ha probably not. You know what, when it comes to friend, It's super hard for me to make some good friends. I'm the type like who only have like 7 people that I really care and the others are just the people I socialize with, but when I'm weird around you, that means I'm comfortable with you and you have to super lucky for that haha lol. 

... I dunno what I should type more and next year I'll have spm :( wish me luck okay ? Until then, keep missing me then.