Words floating in sound。
Wednesday, February 11, 2015 1:27 AM

Hello everyone, I installed blogger on my phone lol so its the first time Im writing in this so yeah. I think I can blog more lol hehe its not that I dont want to go on the computer to blog but you know my phone and I are inseperable so yeah. You know right, Ive been writing lyrics to express what i feel, so I guess Ill share one to you guys, so here :

My heart breaks
What is this feeling
I feel like i want to cry
But i cant
I want to become stronger
But in the end i keep falling
Ive been listening to happy songs
To make me happy
But it just doesnt work
It feels like my smile is all fake
The more i try to smile
The more i fall apart
Its like im shattering
Into pieces
Like a broken mirror
Faking a smile hurts so much
I dont know it will hurts like this

But i cant just simply give up
This is just the start
I need to find a way
Even tho it hurts
I want to keep moving
I want to be stronger

[RE-EDIT] lol ps:  I made this lyrics at night like 12 pm, I can't sleep, I feel so lonely at that time and psst I just finished a very sad manga at that time and then I wrote this on my notes (on the phone) so yeah lol.

Au revoir