Words floating in sound。
beautiful skin, pretty hands, killer smile
Saturday, February 7, 2015 12:34 AM

Hello everyone, its almost valentine's day, let's hide in the closet lol. I've been thinking lately, what if I become ugly ?

Well um I'm a little bit confused, I want to be pretty but I want to be ugly too, because I thought that maybe if I appear to be ugly or act like I'm ugly, then I will  know the people who is sincere to be with me, truly wants to be friend with me and stuff like that but part of me said that I should just act like normal, the other part says be cuter. I hate that when it's like that, like I don't know what should I do?

But I think it's cool too like if I act ugly to other people and then, show the other side of me to only people that's close to me. 

Oh well, I guess I have to decide it myself. I wanted to tell you this since December last year but I never have the right mood to write this, you know, its probably weird but I like to look at people's hand, I will stare at them blankly and I started to think that "oh his hands are pretty", "his hands are so big, it's the same size of my face" "her nails are beautiful", it's like a habit lol, and also I like to look at people's skin, it feels great tho, like god created beautiful things, I'm super envy for those who have flawless skin without them taking care of their skin

and those who have like pinkish skin, I wanted to know how they did it, it's soo kawaii, I can stare at those pinkish face for hours and then the glowing skin, like whenever the sun ray hits their skin, their skin will glows and become so pretty and and I'll be like "woah". I'm sorry for getting excited about this skin and hands thingy lol. 

But now I think that, being cute or ugly is not really important, I mean everyone has their own specialty, if you're born to be pretty, you should feel grateful of that, and I think what important is your personality, if you have pretty face, but bad personality, It wont work too, right? So I guess I just have to be my normal self, be nice with everyone, even when they are attracted to you because of your face, you just have to accept it, right? well I guess I can be my normal self and stop thinking about this even though it's kind of sad but life's like that. 

I hope you guys are having a good day and stay beautiful in your own way.