Words floating in sound。
Thursday, March 5, 2015 1:53 AM

Hi, I just thought of writing what I feel into lyrics (again) cuz I'm tired of explaining into paragraph. Not tired, just ............ idk

It's raining right now
So does my heart
It's probably raining too
I'm smiling now
Look, i'm really smiling

You believed it 
this second
this time
I finally
I should have known earlier
You're that kind of person
No, I don't want to believe anymore
what I saw
This time
with smile, I let you go
I'm really pathetic 
I'm that kind of girl 
who said okay when it's not
I'm rily sorry

I want to give up on someone, help me cuz it hurts like hell. I hope for myself that this rain will wash away all the pains that I feel today. Sorry because I'm ranting, I don't know. By the way, exam ends tomorrow. I will face everything with smile, I hope so. I want, no I need to be happy again. Let's aim for the best together !1!1 (I should be studying rn ok lol)

Au revoir