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i rily
Wednesday, March 11, 2015 2:54 AM
I rily wanted to play nintendo but I can't cuz spm (I h8 u) not u but um ...

Hello everyone, he he he I rily am immature this past few weeks omg haha *blush* I realized it now I'm so stuuuupid haha. I'm going to delete those embarrassing post later (or maybe re-edit) cuz I put a lot of feelings on writing them lol but I'm just an idiot lol, why I realized it only now. Ok then, stop.

Well then, past is past. I don't want to think about that thing anymore. I want to be stronger, rily. Thank you for the people around me that makes me realized how life is such a beautiful thing. Actually, I always remind myself everyday (I put it on reminder in my phone, so it reminds me everyday) that to do everything with sincere and keep smiling and treat people nice also some personal reminders I can't tell he he. 

But when I keep thinking of that, I forget about my reminders. Look, aren't I am idiot? I guess that's for now and .................. I'm watching a drama right now ...................  *awkward* what happened to manga ?? I'm getting bored lol of manga and that I am updated with the popular manga and my fav. So, I guess now it's a break for manga and time's for a lil bit drama lol. I'm watching blood btw (It's a kdrama). It's a story about vampire uuuu. Okay, I hope you guys have a good life. Byeeeeeeee.