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my top 10 fav manga
Sunday, April 5, 2015 2:44 AM

Hello everyone, tbh I'm so lazy to post anything today but I said that I'll post my fav manga within this week and I'm so sad right now, well yesterday there's sport day in school and I participated in the sport's parade and I have became dark like the black moon emoji............... it's the second time, well the first time was when I participated in a camp to get a higher rank for my club. You know, my face is still in the recovering state but ................ here I am, gotta start over again. I'm so lazy to take care of my skin but I have to erase those thoughts and buy a lot of masks and take care of my skin. Btw, let's get started lol (sorry for the rant). 

So, here's my top 10 manga (I may not explain why I liked them) :  

1)  Girl of the wild's -  It's really good OuO, it teaches me to be stronger. I like it super much. I'm in love

2) Tokyo Ghoul - It's cool and entertaining and the manga is 10/10. 

3) Fairy tail - I don't know how to explain. Read the manga. 

4) Strobe edge - It's really cute and it makes me happy just thinking about it. 

5) Switch girl - It's slightly different from other manga and that's why I like about it. 

6) Vampire knight - It's actually very sad and that the ending was different from what I expected. 

7) Dangeki Daisy - I like the character ^_<

8) Namaikizakari - It's cute ok. 

Help, I can't continue this anymore, this is super hard. Why did I said that I will do this. It's really hard, all of them are my favs. I can't choose *dies* ................ nvm, just 2 more, I decided to stay alive again. 

9) Kaichou Wa maid-sama - I dislike it at first but in the end, I liked it.

10) Miseinen dakedo - I hate the hero but at the same time I like the hero. 

So, that's basically it. This is my top 10 manga (for the time being) but the top 5 in the list are my all time fav OuO. If you like manga too, come be my friend lol :~) I really wanted a manga friend and that we can share our feelings together lol.