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I know
Saturday, April 11, 2015 3:47 AM

Hello everyone, umm ........... hi 

I ..... actually have no idea what to talk this week *wiggle wiggle* lol bye. 

No, just kidding. I won't leave you just like that, but I'm not joking, I rily have no idea what to post this week. I've been busy this month handling customers fufufu and also posting on instagram for our business,  follow us lol x (you can see that I'm kinda active on there because I'm in charge of the media (like whatsapp, instagram, email, etc and I'm the one who did the tie dye lol) So, give us a follow alright. I'm on my business instagram 110% more than my personal nowadays lol. It's fun tho lol because I can rant and tell stories on there and people wont know who am I,  and also I can interact with the people that I don't know. It's really interesting. It's like I'm in a different world but sometimes it's creepy -_< because sometimes the customer asked weird questions .................. but I still can accept them ~_~. 

Um yeah ........ *awkward* *1 hour later* 
Want to hear a story ........ I'm sorry, you can't hear me, I'm so stupid .......... nvm want to read a story ? So, when I was like 10 years old like that, my father sent me to a class (it's to build confidence and be able to talk english fluently in front of people). So, I went there without knowing anything, like "eh, we got class, when ????? why ??? I don't want to go ??? why ?????"  now, I'm used to it already, my father loves to do that, register me to a (idk) class secretly and then only tell me when it's like 2 hours before the class starts but I don't hate it because I get to explore lots of things. So, yeah, let's continue. I went to the class and then we're separated into groups. There's like 3 people in one group. I'm in a group with this american + malay guy and an indian guy. This american malay guy's name is Zackary (still remember his name) and the indian guy, I call him xing xing lol I don't remember his real name. This Zackary laksa (I call him that) likes to look at my hand at whatever I do.

He's really weird and because of that, I always always wear jacket and put my hands on the pocket, so he will stop staring. There's one time, he tried to touch my hand, but then I was like oh no :O and put my hands in my pocket back super fast. But indeed, he's a nice guy. And because of him, now it's also my habit to look at people's hands'. So, that's it. Byeeeee.

Au revoir