Words floating in sound。
Saturday, August 22, 2015 11:32 PM

I'm just a black hole in your heart
But she's the galaxy
She, who is carefree
Not knowing your heart hurts
If it were me,
I wont hurt you
I can make u smile
Even when i tried so hard
U can only see her
Is she the only one?
Im prettier than her
Im nicer
Am i that bad
Maybe i should go on
But why is it so painful
You act like nothing
Please dont treat me nicely
My heart will be flustered
I wanna feel happiness too
You looking at her as if she's an angel
I want that too

Yea yea okay, it was raining and the inspiration came. I thought I'll share with you. No, this lyric is not related to my life. It's just .... well, it could probably related a little but I got the inspiration from a story okays. Bye, I miss writing .............. What should i do?