Words floating in sound。
Did you miss me
Monday, September 28, 2015 7:55 AM

Hello everyone, did you miss me? Well I think about you everyday tho lol. So, I get this feeling of writing so Im going to share what I wrote today, I dont know if I'm getting better or not, actually I wanted to write more, but its late night, I gotta sleep . Anyways, probably next week I'll share a picture or make a vlog on the graduation day on school lol if I'm not lazy and if I'm not sick because of this haziness. Please take care of yourself. Anyways, here's:

These bright colours
breathless night
The smell of coffee
This kind of night
Reminds me of you
Ill look at the stars
Searching for the brightest star
That reminds me of you

Even thought we're 1000 miles away
At least we're under the same sky
When im prettier
And wiser, will you come for me
Will you be here by my side
When it rains
Will you be my umbrella
When I dont have any teeth
Will you still love me
Will you still look at me the same
Because i will always love you
More and more
As time passes

This blanket feels so cold
When its supposed to warm me up
Probably only your warmth could warm me up
Only your warmth could melt the ice on my heart

ps: I don't even know what to wear for the graduation day omg I'm so scared, I haven't prepared anything. Please pray that everything will be fine on that day and everything goes on smoothly or you won't get any pictures or videos lol.

See you when i see you?