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school life
Tuesday, May 30, 2017 3:33 PM

Hey, so yeah, I'm back, so if you look at the title, yes, I'm gong to share a lil bit about me, it's like get to know me better session. I feel like I wanted to tell you a lil bit about myself, cuz idk why not, it's been a long since I did this tho because I'm a very private person, I just don't like to tell things to just people but you guys are not just people, you're more than that.

You know, when I was in middle school, I was like the quiet, innocent, pure girl, I just don't like to talk, when I go to school, I don't have a goal, but I was placed in like the top 3 class, so yea ............. I saw them studying, so I study, I can say that I was a good student in my school. My favorite subject was Science, I guess. I just don't know, they have planets and I fall in love with them. When I was 10, I kinda have the mind of the age 20, because I read a lot of books that are not supposed to be read for my age, I can't remember much because time passes so fast and I hardly remember anything........... but .. oh. I rarely smile also, I smile only to what I consider friends only.

But there was this guy, he sits in front of me, every morning before the teacher come, he will make some funny jokes to make me laugh, he's like "oh, tak lawak eh? hm takpela next time next time" and then there was this one day, he made a joke about pak pandir because that time pak pandir was like popular lol, and then he mimicked him and sing the theme song in a funny way and it made me laugh a lil bit and he was so happy, like he was having the big eyes and his mouth is opened like shocked, it was very cute tho but then he moved so I've lost contact with him soz but I'll always remember him as they guy who managed to make me laugh. 

so okay moving on to lower secondary. I'm still the reserved me, I was kinda mean tho, I act cute to people but I judged them secretly. I don't do friends, I mean I don't know what's friends, for me friends are just someone who can accompany me while I'm in school, and then I was surprised my middle school classmate saved a seat for me, I was like "why did you do that?" I thought friends expiration date is after a year lol. That changed my way of thinking, I started to understand more about friends and I cherish them more but yea it takes time ............... but I'm good. 

I can't say a lot, if I wanted to tell every moments, even 100 pages are not enough. Oh yea, this is kinda like a big secret for me, but I like bad guys so I make them like me, and then when they like me back, I rejected them in a nice way and act like I don't know them after, this is kinda like my mission because it's fun, I know I'm so bad and naughty ............ :'( but that was long time ago, that's why I don't do boyfriends during that time. well actually there's more reasons to it, but I won't share everything, I feel like it's futile, I better study, yeah I feel like it's a waste of time. So, should we move on to higher secondary ?? hehe I guess not ......... yet, maybe later. This is the time where I experienced lots of things and I have changed so much.

Well, did you know me better now ? lol I guess, time has passed and a lot has changed, I'm still moving on towards a better person but those moments, I'll never forget them, it became a part of me, it makes me stronger. Although, i'm still not good at some aspects, still confused, but I'll walk slowly and explore more, I want to be a traveler for the time being, just looking, observing, staring. I love you guys, take care of yourself, right now maybe life is hard, but don't think too much about it, just continue living happily, even when lots of bad things happened in a day, but one good thing come, it's still a good day. So ......... see you when I see you. Byee

p/s : I like funny and weird people, it's just something about them that attracts me, I usually don't initiate conversations, but it became an involuntary action for me to greet them first and trying to be friends with them. So yea, just saying heh.

Au revoir