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Wednesday, December 11, 2013 10:00 PM
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Holla guise c:
I'm here to share some life's little instructions. Doing this will make you and people around you happy c:

Life's little instructions :

 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Have impeccable manners
 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif See problems as opportunities for growth and self-mastery
 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated 
 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Return all things you borrow

 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Keep secrets
 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Take lots of snapshots
 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Write "thank you" notes promptly
 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for every area of your life
 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Admit your mistakes

 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Learn to make something beautiful with your hands
 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Know how to tie a bow tie
 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Respect your children's privacy
 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Don't allow the phone to interrupt important moments
 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Don't waste time grieving over past mistakes

 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Take good care of those you love
 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Accept pain and dissapointment as part of life
 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Take charge of your attitude
 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Pay attention to the details
 photo pic002demoji_14648399decoojp.gif Every person that you meet knows something you don't, learn from them

"She moved on and I feel sorry for you, because she thought you were the most amazing boy ever. If she could have had any guy in the world, she still would have picked you. Now you're just another part of her past, a memory more faded every day. And someday, she'll find the one she deserves, and she will make her the happiest girl in the world."

Credit : life's little instruction's book