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Saturday, March 29, 2014 8:45 PM
Never been important nah no  | via Tumblr 
Never been important kk

Hello guys.

Hari ini hari sabtu lagi lah, belum pukul 12:00 lagi.

Pernah tak rasa sayang, benci, rindu pada satu masa.Well, that's what I'm feeling rn. 
This might be a heartwarming post lol but I do believe in miracles. 

I used to be such a judgemental person. Used to, but believe me, everyone changes. You'll getting prettier and prettier and prettier day by day. Just wait for your turn. It's almost July guys. Bulan 7, aku punya birthday. Ingat tau. {24/7} kalau pergi 7 eleven mesti jumpa no tu and my birthday is 2 days before eid. (apa kena dia ni sekejap bahasa english sekejap melayu. Tak faham aku.)

Don't forget my birthday or I will hate you forever ............. jk .

Oh yeah, I don't feel like answering your message on whatsapp, wechat blabla but if you make a cute emoticon on your message maybe ............... I'll reply lol.