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ni hao
Saturday, June 7, 2014 5:25 AM

Hello guys ! It's Saturday again ! YEAY.

 Semalam, hari jumaat aku pergi satu program ini berkenaan "memory". Can we talk in English ? Yea? Okay So, I went to this program, there were like 9 of us. Yup. Only 9 people since it's quite pricey. I went there with my brothers. The activities were nice. I get to meet new people. Most of them are Chinese, so that's why the title is in Mandarin. 

It's kinda awkward because we have to talk fully English here since they all are international but it was nice meeting new people so let's just go with the flow. Wait what, no no no, I'm not promoting the program but I'm just enjoying my times there. It's in Syah Alam, if you're wondering. 

 Korang macam mana ? Are you enjoying your holiday, I hope you are. Tomorrow is the last day and I will get my certificate hehe and I've been here twice actually but my dad said someone should be there accompanying my brother since it's the first time for him. 

That's it I guess. Byee

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