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Voltage Inc Games
Thursday, July 17, 2014 4:02 AM


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Pssst. Hello, I don't know if you should read this post lol because this will show an opposite side of me ?? If you're not ready, you can read my last post and just read this only when you're ready. CLICK

Okay, so actually you can read the title and figure it out. Basically, I'm a girl and I do play games :---) soooo, actually, I can't contain my feels so I decided to tell my blog readers' cuz I don't want to tell my friends ((I don't want to tell them what games I'm playing shh))

This is one of the games. I played like 5 Voltage Inc games or maybe more lol and the sad thing is you have to pay for the game. It's like RM 11.00 for the main episodes and there's like a sequel, epilogue, and a special story but you have to pay additional money for that but it's actually worth your money ((I know it's just a game)) but it teaches you some tips in life. Okay, so it's like you play a girl character, and then you have to choose a guy you wants to be with ((hahaha, girls love this)) Voltage Inc usually will tell the characters of each guys. Basically, my first choice will be the bad guy.  

and, you will choose what to do, what to talk to and there ..... a love story is created with a happy ending. Voltage actually gives 2 two ending. Good ending and a happy ending. The good ending comes with the main episode that you bought but the happy ending, you have to pay for it. The happy ending is usually better lol because you paid for it. 

Actually, the first Voltage game that I played was "My forged Wedding.". It's a nice game. Anyway,  it's better to play game than just doing nothing, right? It also can improves your language and you can also learn some japanese culture and there's actually facts in the game. Psst, I cried while I'm playing love letter with thief x, because the girl character almost died and it just breaks my heart (Takuto story). I played like 5 games, and it tells me that every relationship should end up married and it's just so cute the way Voltage Inc made the way every character showed their loves differently and silently, you fell in love with all the characters. Ohh, not to forget that this is a 15+ game for me. Voltage said that it's a 12+ lol but I'm not really sure .... so

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