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I'm addicted to potato
Friday, August 1, 2014 8:02 PM

Hello guys!
Happy eid. I'm so busy the whole week of raya lol but I'm happy and I hope you are happy too. I'm going to tell a lil bit of my raya experience if you don't mind ??

Oh, my phone died when I want to take pictures so ................ no pictures lol.

So, the first raya. We basically go to KL umm yeah. We usually take selfie and stuff and hear "lagu raya" in the car and ................ I know that it's raya. I'm wearing a chocolate "baju kurung", eating ketupat, rendang, lemang. CAN PEOPLE STOP SERVING DELICIOUS FOOD?! Setiap satu jam ada je makanan, I can't and lately, I'm addicted to potato, I asked my mum to put potato in every dish and I bought lot of potato chips and psst, I'm eating potato chips right now.I can't tell much about my raya, so I ended up telling random things but I'll try to find a picture of my raya, okay c:

I noticed I smile a lot lately lol but I am happy because things are going pretty well lately. My friends also noticed that I smile a lot lately and they thought I have someone special HA HA HA. Why do people always think like that.

"If you feel happy, you should show it"

I also learned something too. I used to feel sad or upset that when people only likes or care for me because of my physical but I start to feel nothing about it now because after all, my physical is part of me too.

But the sad things is, my mum still thinks I'm still 10 years old. My mum said "eh, dah tingkatan empat ke, macam darjah 4 je," HA HA HA MUM.

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