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Monday, August 4, 2014 4:36 AM
Strawberry dessert  ♥ 

Hello everyoneee. Sorry, I posted on Monday because I can't post on this Saturday because of the freaking exam. I have to do well for this exam .......... and I won't talk much, I guess I will just show you a random texts lol have a good day everyone.



Lol hahahaha, I'm sorry if you don't know what all of these mean but it's just a random text (fanmade) and you can see different guy's name, right ? it's actually the characters' names and I just can't stop laughing when I found this on tumblr (I actually just found this) will give the link below if you want to read more. It's actually more fun when you know how's the character is like because I played the game and I know their personality lol. 

Ohh, and wish me good luck for my exam please :-) I hope you have a good day too. 

Here : adventure  
Just in case if you want to know more about the game : click