Words floating in sound。
loving you is a crime
Friday, September 12, 2014 6:02 PM


Well, hello guys!
It's finally Saturday. It's finally school holiday. 

I feel happy but at the same time not, well it feels really different. Probably because I think too much, oh well. 

"I pretend to look around, but
   I was actually looking at you."

Well, there's this cute guy lol, I usually don't care but he's different. He's so quiet and .... neat and that the difference is he doesn't seem to be interested in girls (why I'm talking about thiss), he's not a gay tho well maybe .... Idk why but it's hard to see him smiling but he used to give me support when I join a competition and then we don't talk anymore ............ I like that (I hate it too), he's being so calm on mostly everything. I hope he will open up a lil bit someday yeah one day. 

Well, stop talking about that. I can't wait to go out with my best buddies, heehee soon and make new videos and new memories with them. I'm so excited and maybe I will show you some parts of the video or maybe just quarter of it keke. I hope all of you have a good holiday so does me ......

Let's pray for the best and achieve the most and be lucky. I always wish every day that I will be lucky and it always helps lol so consider this a tip ??? my friend once jealous of me because whenever, I didn't finish my homework or forget to bring books, the teacher will forget about it or else .... lol 

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