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Im so tired
Thursday, October 2, 2014 10:34 PM
I'm going to love you till the heavens start to rain, and the stars fall from the sky. 

Hello everyone. Sorry for not updating for about a month ? Okay, I wont say the reason why but I'm sitting for a final exam right now and it will ends probably about two weeks from now.

I don't know why but I feel so sad without knowing why. My heart hurts but things are okay. I just dont know. I feel so pathetic. I'm waiting for my parcel to arrive butttttttttt IT'S NOT ARRIVING. I want that thing :( maybe that's the reason why am sad but literally no, that's not the reason why. It just makes me even sadder.

And tonight, we're going to go to my grandpa's house. I dont want ........................ am so lazy to even move. I just wanna stay at home and have some good time with my bed but why this is happeninggg.
 But, please pray that I got my parcel safely today and wish me good luck for my final exam pleasee.

Sorry that I forget to update my goals for 2014, but I will update it sooooon maybe after final exam. So, do wait for 2 weeks more until the new update post, skin, and new things probably and my business with my friendssss. I'm going to tell you guys what we're selling and stuff. So, stay tuned for it ??

I hope you have a good day. Ok bye. Happy October !

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