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first love diaries
Saturday, October 11, 2014 11:27 PM

Helloooo everyone, 

I bought a new game lol.
 Money does bring happiness hehehe. I bought 2 games, first love diaries and finally in love again. Both from Voltage inc. It's a new one andddddd I love both of them. Played finally in love again, chose Momoi, it's so cuteeeee, can't wait to play the epilogue and sequel. The graphics and sounds and the music and the face expressions anddd the words is better since it's a new one. 

But, my favorite right now is first love diaries. The story is so cuteeeeeeee, chose Nao, he's so cutee. Okay, chill ................ *takes a deep brath* first love diaries (Nao) story is very different, well usually the first eps there will be like the guy will do bad to the girl, and it just makes me sad and hope that they guy will love the girl, but Nao story is different, I'm in love. 

So, since it's school holiday, I recommend manga or voltage inc lovers try this story ??

Yeah, that it. Bye, well, I'm in story 3 (Nao) right now.