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Tuesday, October 7, 2014 10:55 PM

Hello everyone. Sorry, I just really need to express my feelings lol. 

So, today. I act fine, but still she's into my what we call friends. I guess god wants to tell me that they're not really my true friends. They're just ............... only be there for me when I'm high, but when I feel sad or stuff, they don't care. Now, that I really am thankful, god showed me this. 

Now, I know that "fake friends" does exist, I know I shouldn't be so open up ...................... but this hurts ..... I want to make new friends .... but will be there when I'm sad, happy, that we can share our problems together, be weird together and whenever I feel sad or something, she'll be there from me ... not that kind of friend who only friends with you when you're outstanding or stuff. 

But today, I acted fine in front of them, well you should know that I don't care well maybe a lil bit but I'll be used to it but ugh after exam ..... I will .. Okay I can't tell this but if she come to have lunch with me in school, I'll kill her, I don't know, it's like she wants to be better than me in every way, wants to take all my friends, but thanks to her I know who's my fake friends now. 

You acted so nice, but you're really aren't nice.  And guess what, I told my best friends about this, well not "this", but I tell them I don't like to be with the fake friends and they are like "kenapa? , diaorang buat kau ke? ," I don't tell them why .......... but instead we laugh about stupid things and that really makes my day and I understand something that, when you grow up, you will eventually know things better, lose some "friend(s
)' but that's okay. 

I don't know what will happen next so stay tuned with me ??? and wish me luck for my exam. I love you guys !

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