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fun facts about me
Wednesday, December 31, 2014 11:25 PM

So hello guys, today's a new year yeah yeah happy new year ! So ... 

I don't know how to tell people this but .... never mind, I just tell you guys lol. I'm the type that's not easily calling someone my best friend, I .... um yeah, I may look like I'm nice and stuff, but it's hard for me to get close to someone. It's just that, there's this friend of mine, she always  ....... cling on me, it's kind of uncomfortable and she always ask me "hey, we're best friends right?, it's hard for me to say yes but I forced myself to say yes. It's really tough. 

It's not that I don't like her, I do like to friend with her but it takes time for me to get close to someone. I hope that she will understand. 

By the way, I wanted to tell you that this year, I'll have a big examination, I wont post a lot but I'll be posting like once in 2 weeks. I'm really sorry but I have to be serious this year and pray for me please and I hope that everyone who's reading this will have a good future and good health, whatever you're doing, if it's good for you, I hope you don't give up. 

You know, there's this friend of mine who is upset lol because I don't give her a long text (like speech) on new year because she gives me a long one. You know, It's like 12 pm in the midnight, I'm so sleepy at that time, but once I saw her messages, I instantly open it, I'm not the type that will give people long text and also I dont like replying and continuing conversation. I don't really like to type long, but when I have to, I'll do it, it's not that I dont want to give you a long one, I'm not really a fan of this new year thingy like "new year, new me" and than the next year also the same but the person who said that remains the same too, I like actions more than words so... I'm sorry, well maybe other people will give you a long speech on new year but I'm not that kind of person, sorry but I hope that you'll be success on what you're doing.