Words floating in sound。
Friday, January 30, 2015 6:09 PM

Hi everyone, 

I've been reading manga lately, and most of them are like really sad. I actually cried when I read those. I know.. it's just a fantasy but its fun so. I read this manga ( I don't remember the title is) its really sad like the boy and the girl is like very close since they were small and the boy said that he wants to marry the girl when he's 20 but he has a heart disease, he went to the doctor and the doctor said that he can't live pass 20, Since that time, he's been avoiding the girl, he said that he don't want the girl to be hurt because of him so that's why but he truly loves the girl.

The girl also loves the boy and she doesn't know that the boy will die. So, its like whenever the girl tries to get close to the boy, the boy will act cold and ignores her but that girl never give up until the time when the boy is "dating" with other girl. The boy doesn't like the other girl but the other girl said that she can't live without him, so that's why. The girl(heroin) said that she will wait for the boy at a place, and if he doesn't come, she will finally give up. The boy hesitates at first but he wants to go. It was raining and that its almost dark but the girl keeps waiting, but then a guy came (this guy is having a one sided love to the girl), the guy comes and kiss the girl, during that time, the boy came and saw that. 

The next day, the girl acts cold towards the boy because she thought that the boy doesn't love her anymore but soon she knows that the boy actually came and then there are some more challenges, but finally they are together but then they realized that the boy soon will die. So, the girl asked ?? (I don't remember who) but a doctor and she asked is there a way to cure the disease. The doctor said they do but the potential is very low. Then, the boy's family said they will try. So, when the time the boy operates, the girl cried probably because she's scared. The boy actually wrote a letter to the girl, he said that if he dies, please find someone else that will love you and there's more but I don't remember. I actually cried that when the boy wrote that like how could you do that, the girl loves you. But then, the operation is a success (I guess, because I don't understand the ending) but the boy and the girl actually together and they have a baby lol, the end. 

I actually thought that this story is really sad and idk, I think that I'm a crybaby now because it's hard to stay strong and keep everything, sometimes, I think that I need to let go and thank you for reading this haha sorry if it's a bit confusing to understand.