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my heart hurts
Friday, January 9, 2015 5:21 PM

Hello everyone, 

It's weird to tell you this but my heart really hurts, I dont know why, this happened yesterday, people said that if your heart hurts, you're falling in love, but I guess that's not it, because I'm not seeing any guys so it couldn't be that, and I don't think it's because of my health problems also, I really dont know why, ahh it's really frustrating. When I laugh, it hurts, when I breathe, it hurts too, like what should I do. 

Or is it really that I am falling in love ???? but to who lol no just kidding it's impossible for me to fall for someone right now, but maybe if this continues, I'll do a medical check-up. There's a funny thing happened, you know. I went to a wedding ceremony, my mum's relative something like that, and you know, I have to greet people and stuff. I know you'll think I'm spoilt if I tell you this, but I'll always follow my mum whenever we go to someone's house hehehe I know I'm 17 but it's just that, I dont know but it's like a habit, but I only do that when my fav cousin and aunty is not there.

I greet this aunty lol, my mum was talking blabla to her and then she asked me "darjah berapa ni?" I was like "darjah, ha ha ha, aunty, saya dah nak habis sekolah la ha ha ha," and then the aunty was like "oh ye ke, kecil comel je,". I was like "..................". (that aunty thinks I am still in middle school)

And I can't stop thinking about that, but I'm not sad tho, I keep smiling when I think that again, like hey you know, I don't know how to explain but its kinda funny hehe. Well, okay then. I have to rest my heart haha, maybe my heart has been lonely lol.