Words floating in sound。
Sunday, March 15, 2015 1:05 AM

Hi, I feel like writing lyrics if you dont mind, 

dark, black, cold
like your heart
I want to stop playing your way
You play it nice
I fall for it
I might be an idiot
but not anymore

I gave up on that lyric (actually put it on draft and here I'm back to re-edit) , lol no idea and no inspiration. I finished the drama blood on its latest eps with subtitle andddd I never tell you this but before (when I was reading manga) I read a manga that attracts me and that's sensei kunshu, I was like wondering how will be the ending? It was a cute manga tho. At first, I read it on manga fox, but it's not completed and still on eps 6, but I was really eager to know the ending, and so I browse safari and find the ending lol, I want to read it even without translations haha because I was wondering what will the ending be, how will the guy fall in love with the girl. So..... here I go, browsing to the second page of google. 

Then, I found one and luckily it has the english translations so I can understand ~___~ finally. It's actually a very cute manga, and not as sad and complicated as I think. So I decided to put it on my fav list. Maybe, maybe ... later, I will show you a list of my fav manga lol okay. 

Well, for me, umm .... the manga (sensei kunshu) the hero was a bit highly of himself, like the popular guy and handsome blabla, and sensei means teacher. The heroin is a high school girl who's plain and ordinary, but is a dummy, like very clumsy and very honest. She always gets rejected by the guys when she confessed. (no, why should I tell you this) read for yourself if you want to know ok.

At first, I was like when the sensei said that "will you go out with me?" to the girl. I thought he was playing and he's not serious because I can't feel the love lolol. But then, when it's like almost the ending, then I started to understand the personality of the hero. He's actually very cool, but really, he should show more of his emotion. Well maybe, the writer wants the hero to be like that but it doesn't matter anymore because the ending was so cute eeek.