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Wednesday, March 25, 2015 8:53 AM

Hello everyone, Im saaaaaaaaaaaaad, okay. Why dont you understand. Im in a rebel phase, why dont you understand. Im 17, Im not a kid. Dont tell me what to do, dont you understand, I hateeeeeeeee you.

Hi, sorry for the not so proper greeting lol. Im getting really annoyed with someone, I cant help it. I dont know why, but I think Im in a rebel phase right now, Im easily getting annoyed with people. Like, dont look at me like that, dont think highly of yourself, dont tell me what to do, dont give me your opinion. These words are always always on my mind. I hate it, I dont want this, but I cant win against it .......  

Im getting really annoyed when people ask me to do something, like dont tell me what to do, do it yourself, can you, go away from me........ Really, is this normal. I tried to control myself to not be annoyed. Im not like this, really. Where does this feeling come from? Tell me, what planet are you from because you should go, you're ruining my life. 

So, Im really sorry towards my friends if Im a lil bit rough or stuff *bow*. This is something weird for me too. I feel like, eh wow did I really just said that, but it feels good too lol because its actually really fun, well being bad is nice too lol. But I cant continue this because I might end up hurting people ~.~ but please dont tell me what to do like "you should do it better like this", "do it nicely okay" "dont make any silly mistakes, alright", "can you take this, take that, do this, do that" Please no, I hate those words (for now). I feel like you're threatening me and Im killing you in my mind when you say that so please dont say those words. 

But instead maybe you can say like "hey, i know you will do this great, good luck", "lets do this together", lol get creative. Its good for my heart if you do that, then I wont be sad anymore. Then, I will treat you an ice cream lol. (I wanted to eat ice creamm since last week, but Im very busy to buy it, and why didnt they sell it in school, i hate you) ok that's really it. I still feel annoyed tho with that someone, I will sulk tomorrow. If the person's not saying sorry with sincere eyes, then I wont talk to that person. I dont care eeee. 

P/S : I wrote this on my phone and then re-edit back today on the computer when I got home from school, well surprisingly I didn't fell annoyed today when people asked me to do something? I guess I'm okay already, lol maybe I just need to tell my feelings lol. But, I'm really glad ~.~ . I'm waiting for the subtitles for blood in eps 11 and 12, I want to watch them ~.~ ahn jae hyun's smiling ~~~~ I can't ~.~  yoo ri ta is also so cute, what even ~.~