Words floating in sound。
bad bad day
Thursday, April 30, 2015 6:31 PM

"I'm a loser, jackass covered in scars, just a loser"

What's wrong with being ugly? What's wrong with being pretty? What's wrong with being fat? What's wrong with being skinny? What's wrong with being black ? What's wrong with being white? What's wrong with it ??

Hello everyone, yesterday was my official bad day this year at the moment. Well, I started my day with waking up late and missed my van. Then, after school, I have to stay at school to practice for our audition on the teacher's day. My friend took her guitar and after we've finished practicing, she told us she met a guy who's joining the audition too, she told us that the guy insulted her for bringing guitar something like that, like that's super rude. You think you're the only one who knows how to play guitar like dude, no one cares about your opinion, sinner. We were super mad and annoyed with the guy. He's a form 4, still, but act all good towards us. We'll show you we will pass the audition with massive success. You can cry a river after that, we won't care. 

Then, at night. My father was checking my phone and then he accidently dropped the phone. I was like "omg ......................................." my heart breakssssss into a million pieces. Luckily, it didn't scratch like I thought. Just the screen protector scratch a lil bit, luckilyyy. But, my heart still hurts, even tho my father did it unintentionally, but it still hurts like hell

Also, finally bigbang has make a comeback. I miss them so much and I kinda like seungri's new hair. Make sure you watch their new mv. I like loser more than bae bae lol, but both is good. I feel like writing more? But I don't have any idea what to write... 

I wanted to write more about the rude guy, but on second thought, why should I waste time thinking about him, that'll just make me mad. It's like I don't care anymore. I mean there's a lot of other nice things that I can think, so yeah. I want to say sorrryyyyy if I ever hurt your feelings when you read my post or whatever, if my words ever hurt you guys, deeply, sincerely from my heart, sorry. Let's make a better future for you and for me too. Forgiving is very easy but to forget is damn hard, I know lol.