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boyfriend goals
Friday, April 17, 2015 6:59 PM

That picture is so cute, what even ..... I think I've fallen in love. So, the story is like this, this is a story between a pretty shy girl and an ordinary guy. Suiren (the girl's name) is very pretty and cute but is hardly talk and smiles but one day, when she was walking, she saw a guy, while other guys are looking at her but this guy dont. Then she started to feel a little bit weird and started to know more about the guy and ended up having a liking towards the guy. Suiren tells her friend about that, her friends are like very happy because they finally heard Suiren expressing her feelings. So, they tell her to ask him to go somewhere with her. The guy agreed, and then ........... Suiren asked the guy what did he feel about her and surprisingly the guy likes Suiren too. Suiren is so happy but then the guy is very shy and tries to avoid her after that 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜). It's really cute, it's a mutual and innocent love, innocent love ~~~.

But then, they dated. It's really a slow progress like I mean other manga will probably kiss on the first date. But for this manga, it's like step by step, but I like it cuz it shows how nervous the hero is on the manga. I can't wait to know the ending of this manga, it will be really cute and (can't find the correct word) amazing to see how much they changed, because the girl is very pretty but is very hard to talk, but then she tries to talk and express her feelings when she's dating the guy \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/, I'm so happy for suiren (the heroin) stay cute okay \(^▽^@)ノ.

Hi everyone ....... what I really want to talk today is not about that manga, really but I'm so happy when I saw that picture on tumblr because I haven't reached the chapter with that scene ...... So what I want to talk  about is ............ is ............. yeah, it's a growing up thingy. Did you read my latest post, I said that I was sad right, it's really because of silly matter. How can I be sad because of that ?? want to know why I'm sad ??? it's because my friends don't want to help me carry things ha ha ha but it's really heavy, but ........ it's not that heavy, but ... yeah. So, that's the reason I was sad ........... but then I realized I'm an idiot, I mean they said sorry and then they are late for class, right? haha and usually Im not that clingy too, when did I become this clingy ??? I'm not a little kid anymore ... but my mom thinks I'm 11 so I guess it's fine to act like a little kid .... 

So, what I really want to say is that, you can't depend on people 100%, you should depend on yourself more because you're getting older everyday and then there will be those days when you're alone and have no one, you can only depend on yourself and to god. But while you have good friends, you should depend on them more haha jk. When I walk with my friend, I always just follow her, I mean if she's lost, then I'm lost too, I don't think of anything like, we should go this way, it's nearer, and then when we're like "eh, its supposed to be on first floor la," we would blame each other saying that I followed you. So, it's like that ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ and this is a secret .... but I hate walking alone even in school because I always lost and don't know where should I go and ended up taking a long way lol. 

I think I should write in bm more on my business instagram, but I write like a kid ............... but I will try ... So, that's it for this week. I hope good things will happen to all of you. I'm bored of always writing in english. Jadi, minggu depan mungkin saya akan tulis dalam bahasa melayu kalau saya rajin dan ada idea, haha kan dah cakap saya tulis macam budak kecil, ok bye.