Words floating in sound。
what is this feeling
Wednesday, April 15, 2015 5:00 AM

Hello everyone, I want to tell you my feelings but I'm bad at explaining, so let's make lyrics even tho I'm bad at it :-----) 

flowers in my head
guns on your head
I'm wondering why
I'm always the one
Do I have them?

You killed me twice
I'm fine,
Maybe a bit broken but
I'll just heal myself
You're the one who gives me umbrella
but you're also the rain.

heavy rain but a protective umbrella.
I just want u to apologize
Like a lil kid who wants milk
I'm trembling
but still smiling
let's be good back 
let the rain washes all the pain
and step forward.

me right now : *should I publish this?* *nah* *but............* *I don't know anymore* *off to tumblr* okay here I am again ~_~ , I was sad, "was" because of some silly matters but I'm good now. I don't know why when I'm sad, I get lots of inspiration and me, myself, become better. It's like I'm stepping forward even tho it hurts like hell but it's worth it. I want an air hug right now, air hug is really good, even tho its not a real hug, it's like a ghost hug, it's not there but you can feel it. Till then, see you on Saturday/sunday.

Ppyong ~