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i dont want to
Tuesday, April 21, 2015 3:56 AM

Hello everyone, it's tuesday but but but I felt like I wanted to tell you something, I'm alone right now ................... alone in the house, it's scary and I felt very very very uncool. My lil bro is sick so he had to be admitted to hospital and so my mum and dad will take care of him, my mum will stay at the hospital but my dad will come back home at 11 pm ................ why you do this to me ?? I'm lonely here, I kept on calling them, yesterday my parents went back home at 12:30 because they went to the hospital to check my lil bro, I waited for my mum and dad and then fell asleep on the couch, I can't sleep peacefully when my parent's are not home yet, it feels really weird. My big brother are already sleeping that time, and whenever I heard a weird noise, I'll call his name lol. 

Can I go to my friend's house............... it's scary here..... so, yesterday, my friends told me about vampires, she said that vampires really do exist because there's a virus something like that and she said that I look like a vampire ........... I'm like what ?? noo. She said that vampires like dark place, and I said to her that my room is the darkest among all, and there's more but I don't want to explain all, you can just google it, it's very weird ..... ok, change of topic, I have pimples on my face right now -_<  but nvm, so there's a funny story happened yesterday (lots of things happened yesterday), you know, on monday till wednesday, I have to stay back in school, usually I'll only stay till 2:30 but that day, I got chemistry class until 3, so I wanted to call my uncle van to pick me up in school and thus I went to the office and asked the teacher that I wanted to call my uncle van to go home,

You know what she said, she said "eh, you have to have permission and have a letter blabla," I was like eh, I'm in the morning session, and she's like shocked haha, she thought that I'm in the evening session and it means that she thought I was a form 1/2 student while I'm form 5, can't you seeeeeeee........ Well, whatever, I don't mind that anymore. Here's a tip on how to look younger, always wear moisturizer to keep you skin moist. People said that my skin looks a bit oily ,,.... but it's not that my face is oily, it's because I wear moisturizer, it makes my skin so moist and smooth, so yeah I win. I don't understand why some girls in my school wear like thick foundation, like girl where do you want to go ????? but, I decided not to have those thoughts anymore, cuz if they feel happy doing that, then do what you want if it doesn't give harm to yourself. Do what makes you happy, alright. There's something I want to tell you ............. but it's not confirmed yet, but if it's confirmed, then I will surely tell you. Wait till this Saturday / Sunday okay. I have so much to tell................................................ but let's do this one by one. Byeeeeeeee. I love you guys. 

Tell people you love them because you should tell people how important they are to you. Not because they could leave at any moment, but because they're here now, and it's worth saying something. 

I challenge you guys to say I love you to anyone (your friend, family, etc). It'll make you feel better, I promiseee ^_<. 

Au revoir