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motivation post
Saturday, May 9, 2015 11:54 PM

Hello everyone, if any of you is wondering why I'm posting .......... because I said that I'll be hiatus .... but, I said that I'll post if I have free time, right. So :----)

I've studied malay lol, "study" hahahaha I just went through the books and boom, that's it, don't copy me, that's my way of studying language and still got A :---) I'm so annoying, sorry :---) So tonight, I'll do math. This is a motivation post if you can see the title up there. So I'll just put a bunch of things I need to do and the rewards  if I managed to do it, also the punishment if I didn't managed to do it. 

So here we goooo: 

☐ Take care of my skin (Idk why my but my skin is kinda gloomy nowadays and it doesn't look healthy and I don't like it, so yesterday, I bought a few skin care and I decided to make it healthier.

☐ Fasting at least 2 days/week

☐ Do push up everyday (I've been lazy and I feel like I'm getting weak, I don't like feeling weak)

☐ Eat more fruits and veggies.

☐ Brush teeth before sleep

So that's part 1, I have to do this until exam ends. This is like a challenge. One of the reasons I did this is because I want to upgrade myself physically and mentally. If I didn't managed to do the things in the list, I have to stand on a table in my classroom, this is so embarrassing, lol but this is punishment. so it has to be like this. The reward if I managed to do it is ..... I'dk. I'll think about the reward later. I know already !11! but it's a secret heh.

Part 2 (this is more like mentally):

☐ Not spending more than rm 2 on food in school 

☐ Smile to everyone I meet. (This so a challenge ............)

☐ No eating chocolates (starts tomorrow lol or to be exact monday so I can eat chocolates today) 

☐ Bring tissues to school (you don't know when you need it especially during exam, thing happens, you know like when you sneeze um :// )

☐ No manga ............................... (I'm a sad girl) 

So, the punishment for this part is that I can't eat fried chicken for a week ha ha ha, that will be a sad week and the reward if I managed to do all of it is that I can't tell, it's kinda personal and embarrassing to tell. 

Also, send me cute message(s) on my cbox, that is on the left, I'm sure you saw it. The link is: click here, I set it private before, but I've set it to public now so you can see the messages people left there. If I have time, I'll reply :----) thank you for reading.... as always, my readers are the cutest.