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everything'll be okay
Wednesday, June 3, 2015 1:54 AM

Hello everyone, how are you guys doing? I hope everything's fine, well for me, um let's talk about this later but I deleted some of my previous posts kkk, lot's of things happened lately, I don't know which one is good, which one is bad now, but it's okay, I'll fix it, step by step, slowly, everything will be okay. 

I've been wanting to post about something because it feels like years since I've updated. I want to like um, start fresh and that I want to write better but I just don't know how ............ I feel very pathetic right now,I want a hug and I want to go travelling, I want to gaze at the stars, I want to walk at night on the streets while staring at the moon, walking in a place where no one knows me, it's just me, the moon, the stars, and my earphones, breathing the fresh air. Omg, I miss it so much. The feels. 

I want to have deep conversations on late night with my pen pal but I'm so afraid to start the conversation ......................................... wanna know something???? this is something weird for me lol, It's that I can't eat chicken................ whenever I tried to eat chicken, I feel like vomiting omg .........  you know that I love fried chicken so much, what is happening to me, maybe I need to be a vegetarian ~_~.  Oh yeah, once I fix everything or when I'm in a better state, I'll tell you what's the result that I got, you know the challenge I made for myself, but let's do that when I'm hyped up :~~~) 

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