Words floating in sound。
Friday, June 5, 2015 1:43 AM

Hello everyone, I'm back, lol I'm feeling so much better than before. Remember when I said that I like, no I mean likeeeeee to look at people's hands, I think now, the first thing I look when I see people is their hands and lips .............. Is this weird ? I like to look at people lips' nowadays. Like, whenever I talk to people, I'll sometime secretly stare at their lips lol ........ 

You know, when I'm sad or having troubles, I will always tell myself not to cry and be strong, like you can do this, but then when I'm about to do that, more troubles come, like "no... don't do this to me" and then I ended up getting depressed. I'll be silent and read books or listen to music or watch Youtube videos, so that I won't overthink. But then, at night, before I go to sleep, the bad thoughts come again and then I'll overthink and I ended up become weak. I don't tell my problems to people because I don't like relying on people, I want to be independent. But after a few days or maybe hours, I know that I need to change. So I'll be searching for inspirations like I'll go out, hang out with my friends or sometimes staring at the sky, do things that I'll find it fun and I'll try to solve the problems one by one. It's very vvvvvv hard but once I solved it, it feels really good and whenever I solved it, it feels like I'm becoming better. People always think that I'm bright but no, everyone has their own problems, it's just whether they show it or not.

I read on tumblr that fan bing bing wears 600 masks a year, that's like 2 masks per day ........ lol no wonder her skins are so prettty. I feel like shit now, I need to level up. 

Also, if you feel happy with what you're doing and what you're wearing and you know you're doing good, don't let other people change that. Ok I need to level up bye. No wait, about the challenge, let's keep it secret to myself kkk. 

p/s : My music player is not on auto play now because it's convenient that way, so if you want to listen to music you can just click the music player kkkk. 

Au revoir