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my experience on uber
Tuesday, June 9, 2015 8:20 PM

Hello everyone, so today I'm going to share with you my experience on riding Uber. So, if you're wondering what is Uber, Uber is basically like a taxi but more like your personal taxi, it's not like the  usual taxi in Malaysia like you know the red one but it's like a normal car, so you feel like you're not actually riding a taxi, it's more comfortable, the driver is nice, my driver is Mr, Azlan, he's really nice like he make jokes and he's very friendly and very nice, like he asks us if we're comfortable of not, "us" means my friends and I. They also supply tissue and mineral water for FREE. 


I chose Uber black, I got Toyota Camry and the car is nice, not smelly and the thing about Uber is that it's cheaper than normal taxi. Uber has 3 options, you can choose whether uberX, uberblack or LUX, uberX is the low-cost Uber, uber black is the medium cost and LUX is luxury cars like Mercedez, BMW, so if you want to experience a luxury feeling, you can choose LUX.  When I book the taxi on my phone, it said like it'll come in 10 minutes and seconds after I booked it, the driver called me to confirm. It's very convenient and professional. Also, about the safety, it's safe to use Uber, they'll provide the driver's number, the plat number, and also they give the driver's profile. So, it's very safe and based on my experience, the driver stops on the red light and follow the traffic rules. Besides, you don't need to bring cash with you because Uber accepts credit card and debit card. 

So, if you're interested in using Uber : click this link 

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