Words floating in sound。
Monday, June 22, 2015 5:26 AM

Hi everyone, I've noticed that I always start with "hi everyone" lol, it feels weird now lol. I'm sorry for not posting last week, I got a fever. I rarely get sick like the last time I get sick was like 4 years ago (a bad one, I mean) I got a really bad fever, I just lay in my bed breathing. but I'm better now, my fever has gone down but I still have flu and *cough* yeah. My voice, you know is forever 11, but when I got flu, It went younger, my voice is like a 5 years old kid now :~( but I kinda like it haha, I feel cute in a good way. Like, when I talk, it has this cute accent :~) I'm really sorry if I'm kinda weird today, I mean in this post.

I just noticed this today tho ............ when I'm sick, I'm like ......... a clingy kid lol, I'm like "I'm sick, give me attention" "take care of me, I'm sick, you know" "don't hurt me, I'm siccck" lol yeah, me. I was like "omg, why am I like this" haha but I don't hate it, but I'm more sensitive when I'm sick like if people don't give me attention, I'll have this thought "why won't you take care of me, I'm sick you know, this is sad". I can't help it, really. 

I wanted to tell you this since last month, it's that my big brother has left ............. he's gone to the matriculation. He got the Penang Matriculation. It's kinda sad at first, but after a week, it's okay. Well, he always send me to class and then he always buys me food lol and then I can ask him to do that, do this, I'm a bad sister but you know,  deep inside I do care for my brother. It feels lonely but he'll be back during eid, so yeah. Alsooo, about food, (I'm a 5 years old kid, remember. I want to tell stories, listen to me okay.)

Anyways, about food. I like my mum's cooking the best. My mum always asks me, "is it good", and I'll be like "it's okay", but you know, I'm soo happy when my mum cooks because my mum rarely cooks because my mum works. So, only during weekends my mum will cook, but most of the time, we'll go out. So, it's very hard for me to eat my mum's cooking. My dad's usually just buy me food, and I literally ............... can't.
I feel like vomiting sometimes. So, I'll just put the food in the refrigerator and I'll cook on my own like fried egg or something plain and simple and good. But when my brother's still in the house, I'll sometimes order pizza and we'll eat together or I asked him to buy the good food :~)

That's it! Bye, I love u guys, I'll be updating less from now on okay because I have to concentrate on my studies. If you miss me, visit me on tumblr okay here (only if you miss me tho...)