Words floating in sound。
Friday, July 3, 2015 5:43 AM

Hello everyone, I'm posting this through my phone. I just want to share a lyrics I've made few days ago. I got the inspiration to write this from  a manga, my own feelings and you know.

Loving you hurts
Your love is as sweet as sugar
But hurts like hell
You're the one that can heal me
U're the one who gave me the pain

loving you hurts
Seeing you gives me butterflies
I want to keep following you
Looking at you
Your eyes
I want to stare at them

But baby
Please dont leave
Please dont find someone new
I'll love you everyday
I'll heal your pain

Tell me everything
Let me bribe you with my love
Never forget about me
Make me your fav person
I'll love you for 10,000 years

Its okay if i'm hurt
This pain, I'll treasure them
This tears, so dont leave
Make me your special person
Dont treat other girls so nicely
I promise i'll be better