Words floating in sound。
i can make u cry
Friday, July 31, 2015 8:23 PM

aqiqas us 

Helloo everyone, *takes a deep breath* it's been a long time, well actually, I did post something last night, I was so tired last night and I'm feeling so sad and confused, so I posted something in here on my phone, but I deleted it lol. It was so embarrassing so yeah. I've been busy catching up with my life, socializing with my friends. Going out and stuff. The more I discover, the more I don't understand. What's the purpose of me staying ? What do I want to be? Who's real and who's not? 

So many fake people, it's exhausting. Like your friends, they are beside you, everyone's there smiling but then you're just there "...........". One of the reasons why I don't like it when I let my guard down is that I don't like to handle people. The kind of people that is "cute but with no attitude", judgmental people, all the negative people. Omg get off me. But, I decided to ... you know, try to cope with them, most of them, I can admit is very nice but only a part of them are like so annoying. 

Stop acting like you’re all that
You’re actually the most pathetic
Yeah, try to provoke me even more
So I can have some fun for a moment
My young dreams are just faded fantasies
My mood is like a vast wilderness
People don’t understand me
So I just wanna lose it without even knowing


Next week, I got exam for history. Wish me luck. I wish you luck on your life too. But anyways, I'll try to get through this. I know there will be people who only likes me because of my appearance, but I believe the people who stayed are true to me. So yeah, have a nice day. I want an airhug. I don't know when will the next update will be, but next week, my school will have like eid celebration, so probably I'll take a lot of nice pictures and show it to you guys. It's been a long time since I post pictures on here, aite. So, why not? Keep missing me till then, bye. I really need an airhug lol.